Affinity Designer vs Inkscape

In this post, I’ll compare features of Affinity Designer and Inkscape.

Both software is a Vector editing software.

Affinity designer Is new software from UK company. This software very close to Adobe Illustrator. As AI is very popular Affinity designer created to be a cheaper alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

Inkscape is light and I same time Free vector editing software that very close to CorelDraw and in many cases can easily replace it.

Now Take let’s compare them.



Affinity Designer interface designed in dark colors and structure of tools developed very close to Adobe illustrator. If you are familiar with AI then you’ll very fast get familiar with AD.

Affinity designer interface

In Affinity, Designer interface can change based on which persona you are using. About persona, you can read here (Click). If you are new in Affinity Designer you’ll need time to get familiar with interface.


Inkscape interface very close to CorelDraw interface. As in CorelDraw, Inkscape interface very simple but in same time functional.

Interface of Inkscape

As in Affinity Designer if you are new you’ll need time to get familiar with and find tools that you need faster. Most of the frequently used tools place on visible places in one click long way.

Affinity designer interface more complicated for new beginners that Inkscape interface. But if I’ll compare esthetic view then Affinity Designer interface more stylish.


Working Area

In affinity designer Working sheet limited to artboard size like in Photoshop. This limit very uncomfortable when you are working with too many objects.

But Inkspace working space is limitless. You can create a very big object but the view is limited. While working you can create many different designs without touching other. Of course, Inkscape also has artboard, but artboard here can be used when you are creating something that should be in page (for example book page) or when you’ll print something in particular size like in A4.


Vector Creation and Edit

In both software object creation and modify process easy and comfortable. You can create simple figures in one click and can easily modify them with node editing tool. With a double click, you can create a node on the object and convert it into line, curve or Bezier.

 Working process in Affinity designer and Inkscape

Special Features

Besides Standard features, every software has it is own features.

The main features of Affinity Designer are - you can import and use Brushes, Styles and other importable parts of Adobe Illustrator. Well if you’ll need to migrate from AI to AD then you can make it less painful. Besides of that, this software hasn’t any big features. The biggest minus of AD is it hasn’t tool to trace images into vector. Trace very usable and many designers using it very often. Maybe in future version developers will add this feature.


Inkscape has many different features that can be useful in some technical designs and works like Barcode generation or preparation your files to cut in laser machine and similar works. Besides of build in tools, you can download many different macros from offi the ial website to make your work more comfortable.



Affinity Designer can be good Alternative to Adobe Illustrator in design. As this tool has easy to use tools and ability to use AI parts. This software is very young but despite this, it has good chances to be a good alternative to most popular Adobe Illustrator. Price of this software is about 45 USD for a one-time purchase. If you Compare it to Adobe products it is very cheap.


Inkscape is very close to CorelDraw and can easily replace it. In technical works, it is better than AD. It has a wide range of features that can help you in many situations. Maybe in design process, you’ll need to do some additional actions that you can pass in AD. The best part of Inkscape is it is free.

If you want to check them you can easily download them from official website and test them.

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