How to create simple shapes in Inkscape

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In this tutorial for new beginners in Inkscape, I’ll show you how to create simple geometric shapes and what kind of features they have.

Actually creating shapes very easy. You can find all standard geometric figures on design toolbar on the left side of Inkscape. Here you can see a rectangle, circle and polygon with the star.

Standard Shapes

It’s very easy to draw simple geometric figures. Just click on the icon of shape. An icon of the cursor will change. Now click on any place in a workspace and draw. The shape will draw in the default color.

 After realizing mouse button you can draw again until you'll like to cancel

Now let’s see what kind of features standard shapes has. To see features switch to select tool and on the top side.

Select a shape and on it, you’ll see arrows. With this arrows, you can resize selected object. If you’ll once again click on an object then arrows will change and you’ll able to rotate and skew an object.

Selected object toolbar

On the top panel, you’ll see some icons and fields that get active when object selected. These icons can be different based on selected object or tool.

I’ll need the second object and that’s why I’m going to take circle tool and will draw second object shape.

Now let’s check options of objects.

Inkscape toolbar

  1. With first three icons, you can select or deselect all objects and nodes.
  2. Second icon group allows you rotate objects and mirror reflect them.
  3. With this group, you can send objects back or front.
  4. This parameter is the coordinates of the object. Zero points are located on the bottom left corner of the sheet.
  5. You can set dimensions of the objects
  6. Last options here are scale parameters of objects. Here you can control the way how border or texture will work when you’ll scale objects.

As you can see you can easily draw simple geometric objects. Simple geometric shapes are basic as all hard looking objects are combined simple geometric shapes. So first you need to draw a simple object and only then you can start to draw your amazing artworks.

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How to create simple shapes in Inkscape

In this tutorial for new beginners in Inkscape, I’ll show you how to create simple geometric shapes and what kind of features they have.

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