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Everyone who is writing something can make a grammatical mistake in writing. Especially if you are writing in a foreign language like me. English not my first language and sometimes I made mistakes in words or some grammatical mistakes. Even if English your native language you can make mistakes.

That’s not looking good when you’re publishing some post or any handwriting with grammatical mistakes. If you are using MS word then built in checker can help you a little bit but, Word tips not always useful.

Maybe you are writing something online or in chat then, Grammarly can help you here as well. Grammarly has apps for most popular browsers that automatically checking text that you are entering.

Well in any situation that you need to write something without any mistakes Grammarly can help you. This amazing tool saves me in many different situations.

Grammarly works like that


One amazing thing about this tools is, it checking your grammar while you are writing and offering you correct your mistake or change the word to another one.

I’m not so focused person and writing fast without giving attention to the keyboard. As a result making many mistakes. That’s why I have installed Grammarly everywhere where it possible. I have it on my browser, in my office software and installed on my windows as an additional software. Thank they have integration with many platforms.

Another great thing here is this tool is free. Of course, it has paid version that gives you advanced features.

In free version, you can get features like

  • Contextual spelling checker
  • Grammar checker
  • Punctuation Checker
  • Sentence structure checker
  • Style checker.

Well in paid version you’ll get more advanced tools like

  • Advanced checker
  • Genre checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Vocabulary enhancement.

I personally use a Free version that’s enough for me right now but in future, I plan to write some book and probably I’ll subscribe to a premium plan for advanced tools.

You can download Grammarly from official website -



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